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TDC Business Park Viewer

This website provides interactive access to the complete in inventory of available sites within TDC's Business Parks, as well as providing information on buildings that are for sale or lease.

New Users:
To get started, click here 'Park Info' tab at the top of the page or click button below:

Advanced Users:
Select a TDC Business Park from the list of parks in the toolbar and then use tool to click on a site and get more detailed information.

For more information:
TDC provides confidential consultation to businesses considering a location or expansion in the Knox County area. To learn more about TDC parks and other services provided by TDC please contact:

Todd Napier, Executive Vice President
17 Market Square, #201
Knoxville, TN 37902
Phone: (865) 546-5887
Fax: (865) 546-6170

About this site:
Information on this website is derived from various governmental departments within the City of Knoxville, Knox County and the "Knoxville Utilities Board (K.U.B.), who together have created a centralized "geographic information system": KGIS.

Navagation Tools
Zoom In: Hold down the left mouse button and drag a window over the area you want to view.
Zoom Out: Hold down the left mouse button and drag a window which indicates the size you want the current map to become. For example: if you want to way out draw a small box.
Full Extent: This button zooms you to the full extent of available data. This may or may not be you initial extent. For example some regional datasets (available in the future) may initially load at showing Knox County but a "Full Extent" may include all surrounding counties.
Zoom Previous: Zoom to the previous extent " not sure how many views get buffered but it is several.
Zoom Next: Zoom to the next extent. Only activated after a "Zoom Previous" command.
Pan: Hold down the left mouse button and drag the map in any direction.

Selection Tools
Site Identify: With the site identify tool selected or activated in the toolbar, click any site within a TDC Business Park to get basic information about a site. The data bubble that appears contains a "Site Details" link that opens a detailed report where more information about the selected site can be viewed.
Owner Card Report
Property Map and Details Report
View Parcel Details - this will display the full parcel information in the "Details Panel" on the "Results" tab on the left side of the screen. Additional information includes " e.g. full address information, parcel details (acreage, deed info, subdivision, ward, etc.), school zones, political districts, etc.
Clear Graphics: Clear any selected features from the map.

Integration Tools
Google Streetview: Click the map to display a street level image provided by Google Street View. Note that Google Street View images are only provided within the vicinity of public roadways.

Bird's Eye View: Click the map to display an oblique aerial photograph from Bing Maps. Bird's Eye aerial views are provided for all of Knox County and provide the ability to rotate the area of interest providing the ability to see any building or site from four different, oblique angles: north, south east and west.

Map Theme
Five different map types (aerial photograph, flood map, topography, zoning and the default "basemap") are available within the website. To change the map theme, select the desired layer from the "Map Theme" dropdown located in the toolbar.

Select a park
Choosing a park from the "Select a Park" dropdown located on the tool bar is a quick way to zoom the map directly to any TDC park. Upon selection from the list, the map will automatically center on the park at an extent where the entire park can be seen in the display.
Search by Available Properties
The inventory of available sites and major buildings is available within all the Development Corporation business parks. To access the list of parks, open the 'Park Info" tab. To view available sites and buildings within any park, expand the park by clicking the button next to each park. Doing so will reveal the available sites and buildings within the selected park along with their associated acreage or square footage.
Pressing the zoom tool located next to each available site or parcel will drive the map to extent of the site or building of interest.
Site # Clicking on the hyperlink for an available site or building will open a detailed report for the property where information about the site or building can be obtained. A printer friendly version of the information contained in the Details Report can obtained by following the "Printer Friendly" hyperlink at the top of the report.
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